The Best IPTV panel Reseller Program for 2020: Earn Money Now …

We’re offring the Cheapest IPTV panel Resellers prices for the Best IPTV Service.
in addition to get your own IPTV panel to manage your own customers for free you get a very stable worldwide IPTV Service.
At the same time you have the freedom to sell IPTV Subscriptions with the price you want, you can make a huge profit for each IPTV Subscription sold.
Most importantly, it works on all devices support IPTV.

IPTV Panel Pricing

Plans For Every Need

1 Month = 10 Credits

3 Months = 15 Credits

6 Months = 20 Credits

12 Months = 30 Credits

Frequently Asked Questions



How to become IPTV reseller?

Firstly, you need to purchase an Reseller Package to get your panel so that you can start activating and managing IPTV subscription lines for your customers.


Does the reseller package expire?

Reseller system isn’t time-based, it’s based on credits, so it will never expire, credits will be deducted from the while creating new subscriptions


Available Subscription Package?

You will have the possibility to create subscriptions of: 1, 3, 6 & 12 months subscriptions.


Subscription cost with credits?

You need 10 credits to create 1 month subscription, 15 for 3 months., 20 for 6 months and 30 for the one year subscription?


Can i give trials to my customers?

Yes, people like to try any service before they buy, which is why we offer 50 tests per day that you can activate using your iptv lpanel.


how long to add more credits?

Once payment is complete, the credits will be added to your reseller in less than 5 minutes by one of our support teams.

iptv panel

IPTV Panel easy way to Make Extra Income Even With a Full-Time Job

Whether you’re looking for cash to launch your startup or make new investments with, or dig out from mounting debt, a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month can change your life.

Our IPTV Reseller program offer you a great opportunity to get started you can distribute and iptv panel resell our IPTV subscriptions to earn extra income, with our greatest services you and your customers will never be disappointed. Our iptv panel server is managed by the most powerful IPTV systems. Easily manage and control all your customers in one dashboard

1 Month = 10 Credits

3 Months = 15 Credits

6 Months = 20 Credits

12 Months = 30 Credits

Why Should You Choose Our IPTV Panel Reseller Program?

OTT IPTV is a well-known brand in the IPTV industry. We have been delivering super-fast, highly-secure and the most reliable IPTV service with extraordinary features since 2010 to more than 200 000 users. Here’s what makes IPTV Packs IPTV panel reseller program an ideal choice.

iptv panel
Dedicated servers of 128GB of RAM and 32 CPU cores with 1000 Mbps connectivity, for speed and stability!

Live TV & VOD

Your customers can get access to more than 9000 channels and thousands of VOD & series.

Reseller Dashboard

An easy and simple interface designed to offer the best experiences for our resellers.

Manage Customers

Our reseller iptv panel makes creating, managing and renewing your clients incredibly simple!

Free IPTV Trials Accounts

Get a Free trial to your customers so do you can increase your sales

You Get the Best 24/7 Customer Service.

VIP support to fix all your customers issues available 24/24 and 7/7.


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